Designer Wedding Dresses by Tsotetsi KL

We have a look at the bridal range by renowned South African fashion designer, Tsotetsi KL.  This well known high-end fashion brand launched their range of designer wedding dresses back in 2016 and has brought fresh new creations to the South African market every year.

About the Tsotetsi KL Brand

The designer and owner of the company, Khothatso Laurence Tsotetsi, was born in Soweto and grew up in the Vaal. Driven by his passion for design and clothing, he went on to study Fashion in 2009. Since then he has built his brand and is now a well-known name in the African Fashion scene. Tsotetsi KL is based and operated from Pretoria, but the brand serves clients throughout Africa. If you have attended the Johannesburg Fashion week in the last few years, chances are you would have seen some of the stunning TKL gowns on the runway.

Tsotetsi KL Bridal Gowns

The TKL Bridal Range of Designer Wedding Dresses

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For more information on how to buy these wedding dresses, please visit the Ttsotetsi KL website.

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