Finding The Perfect Wedding Suits

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Suits for your Wedding Day

In our opinion, there is nothing better than a man in a well-tailored suit. Think Ryan Gosling or Chuck Bass – finding wedding suits for the groom and the groomsmen is just as important as finding dresses for the bride and the bridesmaids. Just remember that whatever you decide to go with, ensure that the wedding suits are tailored for the big day! A cheap, well-tailored suit is ten times better than an expensive, poorly tailored suit. There are a few things for the groom and his groomsmen to consider (yes, let them have some input too).

Here are some useful tips which may assist in finding the perfect wedding suits:

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To Hire or To Buy?

Our best advice is that your groom should hire a suit if he is not planning on wearing it again and invest in a suit if he is planning on wearing it again. We believe that every man should own at least one suit which is tailored to his body. If your groom wants to go for a classic black and white suit, why not invest in something that he is able to wear at any formal event? This may cost a bit of money but it’s totally worth it. However, if you two agree on going for a suit which is a little bit more out there, such as a navy suit or a maroon suit, there is nothing wrong with hiring one for your special day!

Tip: the same will go for the groomsmen, they don’t have to buy their suits if they don’t feel like they are going to wear it again. Let them make up their own minds about this one!


What Type Of Suit?

If your future groom and his groomsmen aren’t sure which types of wedding suits to go for, use the following as a guide:

Season: When are you getting married? Summer weddings will usually feature suits with lighter colours and more breathable materials. However, winter weddings will feature suits with thicker material and darker colours such as black, maroon or navy.

Formality: How formal is the wedding going to be? Formal weddings might require tuxedos while short pants and white button shirts can be pulled off at casual summer weddings!

Location: Are you having a beach wedding or a wedding in a cathedral? Your wedding venue will help you determine the attire!

Tradition: How traditional do you want to go? Plenty of traditional African wedding attire incorporates bright colours and patterns into the look and theme of the wedding. If your tradition and background mean a lot to you, it should definitely feature on your big day!

Career: Perhaps your groom works in the navy or the army, have him wear his suit on your big day – it will mean the world to him!

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What Accessories?

This is where your groom and his groomsmen can get a little bit creative. Gone are the days of sticking to plain wedding suits and ties. Perhaps they want to incorporate bowties into the wedding instead of ties, or maybe they like the idea of boutonnieres that match the bridesmaid’s dresses. Having suspenders at a summer wedding is very popular, just like having pocket squares at more formal weddings.

wedding suit bowtie

Remember, you want your wedding party to feel comfortable and confident on your big day. So if you get stuck somewhere along the lines during your wedding planning journey, just ask them for their opinion. It will probably mean a lot to them!

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