Find Your Perfect Wedding Shoes

Finding the Perfect Wedding Shoes to Match your Dress

Your wedding dress is, without a doubt, going to be the biggest showstopper at your wedding! However, to complete the look, it’s important to select the perfect accessories – this includes your jewellery, your train and of course, your wedding shoes! Now, every woman loves a killer pair of heels, but it’s just as important to feel comfortable on your wedding day, remember, you will be doing a lot of walking around, greeting guests, and dancing the night away.

Many brides opt to change their wedding shoes as soon as they arrive at the reception, this is a great way to add variety to your look and ensure that you stay comfortable throughout the night. Remember, there is nothing worse than a pair of heels that don’t fit properly or that hurt you so much it becomes distracting, our advice – walk around your home with your heels a few weeks or days before the wedding so that they mould perfectly around your feet. No pain, no problem!

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6 Tips to Help You Find the Wedding Shoes of Your Deams

Let’s start with the very basics – what are your options? Here are the different wedding shoes which you can go for on your wedding day:

Heels – Heels give you the extra height you need and can also assist you with your posture! They make you look taller, slimmer and can be the finishing touches that take you from good to absolutely glamorous.

Wedges – For the ladies that aren’t overly keen on heels but still want to incorporate elegance into their look. Wedges provide a great combination of comfort and added height!

Ballet Flats – Flats are suitable for short wedding dresses, or for brides who value comfort. Flats are also for our tall brides who don’t require the extra height. Go for flat wedding shoes with plenty of detail to add some glamour to your look!

Strappy Heels -Strappy heels are sexy and sensual, they fit perfectly with mermaid wedding dresses or A-line dresses.

Sandals – Sandals will probably be your best bet for beach or nature-themed weddings. Also for the brides who aren’t looking for extra height.

Sneakers – Playful and quirky! Sneakers are a modern twist on wedding shoes, especially for the bride who wants to show her personality. Who says only heels are allowed on your wedding day? Wearing matching sneakers with your new hubby is a super cool and adorable way of showing that you are a new team.

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Colour, Material and Fabric

  • Be careful of going for wedding shoes that are made out of plastic. Plastic may begin to pinch throughout the night and doesn’t breath too well.
  • You can go for neutral colours such as white, beige, champagne or silver – or, you can choose a bold colour like royal blue or emerald green to bring in a pop of colour!
  • Alternatively, match the colour scheme of your wedding to your dress. For example, if your theme is maroon and all your bridesmaids are wearing maroon dresses, go for a maroon shoe to tie the picture together.
  • If you opt for royal blue wedding shoes on your wedding day, have your future husband find some royal blue socks. Matching with your groom can look super cute if done subtly.

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The Influence which the Shape of Your Dress has on Your Shoes

The shape of your dress will have an influence on which type of shoes you should go for on your wedding day.

  • For example, if you are wearing a short dress, statement shoes with a bold print will add playfulness to your look!
  • If you are wearing a vintage lace dress, the best way to transform this look into old Hollywood is by pairing it with red peep-toes and red lips! It’s amazing the influence which accessories have on the overall look. This is why it’s important to consider what you want to look like on your big day.
  • Brides that choose a mermaid wedding dress are all about the lines, the shape and the curves. Thus, a strappy, sexy heel will complete this look perfectly!
  • Finally, the traditional ballgown must be paired by a stunning pair of high heels, you can repeat accents from your dress on your shoes like pearls or crystals – the small details will make your wedding photos extra special!

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Small Things To Consider – Tips from the Ebontu Team

  • Are you walking down a flight of stairs?
  • How far are you walking?
  • Are you walking on a wooden deck or a solid surface?
  • What is the atmosphere/level of formality going to be at your wedding?
  • Is your wedding indoors or outdoors? Are you walking on grass or sandy beaches?
  • In what season is your wedding being held?


Ready, steady, shop!

Now that you know what you are looking for, it’s time to begin the hunt! Remember that fabulous footwear doesn’t come cheap, so give yourself enough time to save and to shop so that you can avoid panic and overspending. You don’t want to feel pressured into a last minute decision. Although online shopping can be more relaxing (no crowds or ques), remember that delivery can take some time,  so give yourself enough time – ensure that the shoes are delivered long before your wedding day so that you are still able to make changes if you want. Buying your shoes in advance is highly recommended – walk around your home with them to avoid blisters on your special day.

Check out some awesome wedding shoe vendors here!

Happy shoe shopping!


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