Picking Your Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

How To Choose Your Bridesmaid Dresses

Choosing your bridesmaid dresses is a very important part of your wedding planning journey. Not only are these dresses one of the most prominent features on a wedding day; it is also critical to select dresses that your bridesmaids feel comfortable and confident in. Bridesmaids dresses have the ability to illustrate the theme and colour scheme of your wedding and your girls will appear in plenty of your photographs, so you want them to really tie the picture together. However, we know it can be stressful finding bridesmaid dresses that both you and your girls love. Give them a little freedom to provide some of their own input, not every body type will look amazing in one style, so it’s perfectly fine to select a variety of looks for your wedding day.

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Turn The Dress Search Into A Bonding Opportunity

As we’ve mentioned, it’s important for your girls to feel comfortable too. The plus side of getting them all dresses that they love is that they will be able to wear their dress more than once. So why not turn the dress hunt into a fun bonding opportunity where you get to know each bridesmaid individual needs. Have a pyjama party and throw in some wine to get all the girls brainstorming ideas together – they will appreciate the fact that you consider their opinions. Take them when you go shopping and throw in a lunch date afterwards. Just remember that every dress will look different on each bridesmaid depending on her body and her skin tone, so them tagging along will be a lot of help and will definitely assist you in your decision making.

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Choosing The Right Dresses

As we’ve mentioned, bridesmaid dresses certainly have the ability to portray the theme and colour scheme of the wedding. Whether your wedding day is going to be more modern, formal, rustic or bohemian…this can easily be translated into your bridesmaid dresses. The colour scheme of the wedding is also usually incorporated into the bridesmaid dresses. However, gone are the days of making every bridesmaid wear the same dress. There is not one style that is going to suit all body types; so let your girls have a little bit of input! The look can still be cohesive even though there is a bit of variety.


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Bridesmaid Dress Colour and Styles

You can easily translate the wedding pallet into your bridesmaid dresses, however, if you want to go for a neutral look, sticking to shades of beige and rose gold will look amazing. You can even mix and match textures and styles to create as much dimension to your look as possible. If you are unsure about the style that you should go for, think about the overall style of the wedding as a reference. Long, chiffon dresses will perfectly suit a more formal wedding where shorter dresses with floral details will go hand in hand with a summer garden wedding. Also, consider which accessories they will be wearing to help guide the look.

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Kameo Designs

Karla from Kameo Designs is a local dress designer and her dresses are sold countrywide in all the YDE stores. We love her designs because not only does she have a massive variety of styles and colours, she is also super affordable – so bridesmaids buying their own dresses will be able to purchase their dresses with a smile!

Jacoba Clothing

Jacoba Clothing is another dress designer that we are very fond of. They make choosing your bridal party dresses super easy, stress-free and pleasant. Their focus is having a wide variety of different styles to suit each woman’s body comfortably and ensuring that she feels confident and comfortable. Once you choose a style you love they will make you your dress in the colour of your choice! With Jacoba Clothing, there is No appointment needed! Online orders are welcome and will be sent via courier.


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