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Johannesburg, Gauteng
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  • Additional ServiceVideography
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Alberton Wedding Photographer

Precious Memories Productions is an Alberton Wedding Photographer company staffed by passionate people that love their clients. They continue to chase the ultimate production like the proverbial “Pot of Gold” at the end of the rainbow! It continues to elude them because they always feel they could have done more, could have done better! Yet their clients always seem very satisfied.

As a hands-on videographer, he can’t help the tears that run down his cheeks with every bride he films walking down the aisles to say goodbye to her dad and stand alongside the man whose name she will take and whose children she will bear.

They know that for the couple, this day is the climax of their dreams. They ensure that the couple can relive these special moments any time for years after the event. Their goal is to capture the shared love and expressions. They see it as a privilege to be able to capture the moments of joy, sadness, seriousness and the vibes between family and friends.

You play the stars of this day and become engraved in the memories for your future selves and perhaps even children to see. They share pride in sharing this day with you and they look forward to meet with you. They want the film they create to embrace your souls so that you can just cry out of joy and happiness. They want you to see all the love and kindness, caring and fun that you and your guests shared. They feel they achieved success in the creation of your film when you cry out of joy when seeing it. Your love is completely unique and your story so wonderful that they want you to share it with the world.

“With love to you beautiful lovers, from Precious Memories Productions. Call us. We have so much to contribute to your day.”

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13 Watsonia Road, Alberton, 1448
+27 (0)11 867 0277

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