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Johannesburg, Gauteng
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Johannesburg Wedding Photographers

Johannesburg Wedding Photographers company Fern Tree consists of Fern, and her wonderful husband Tim.

She is inspired by the magnificent photos that can be created by the love and beauty of a wedding. She had a dream of capturing those memories and therefor studied Photography. She met Tim while he was quickly becoming a much sought after fashion photographer. Almost 11 years in the industry, he has appeared on billboards, magazine covers and more all the way from South Africa to New York. She saw how beneficial it would be to combine their talents and it could make their dream reality. They found a astonishing merge of photojournalism and the storytelling sense that comes from fashion photography. Doing this they still manage to avoid the cheesy aspect that one sometimes come to find in wedding photography.

She has a good eye for bringing elegance into her photo’s and takes pride in that. She always focus on the smaller details as she knows it can make a big impression. She simply loves to catch those small touches and mysterious glances that expresses the atmosphere of the day. When her specialty is combined with Tim’s technical skill and couture fashion background, they seem to create results that always impresses the clients and puts them way above their competitors.

They pursue the classic, approaching each wedding with a balance between fashion photography and photojournalism, avoiding clichés and trends, and rather working towards something timeless. Let them capture your special moments like you’ve never seen before.

Fern Tree Wedding Photography “More than a moment in time.”

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Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
+27 (0)72 122 2659
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